Pranayama: Ignite Your Prana!

Explore pranayama and the power of breath on and off the yoga mat with Hallie Kazda.
March 20 at 4pm

Sunday March 20, 4-6pm

Improve the delivery of oxygen to your body and brain

Relieve stress

Prepare your mind for focus, meditation and better sleep

An experiential workshop with New Leaf yoga teacher Hallie Kazda in which we’ll explore pranayama, the ancient and varied yoga breathing practices that support meditation and asana. Prana, in Sanskrit, is the vital life force within us all. Yama refers to taming, directing, or extending this vibrant, buzzing prana, which we do through the breath. Some gurus say the most important daily practice is pranayama! If you’ve enjoyed the touch of breath work in yoga class, this workshop is offered as a natural extension of your practice. Newcomers to yoga are most welcome.

We’ll learn a variety of breathing techniques that have varied specific effects: some energize, some help us focus, others calm and cool us down. We know that a regular deep breathing practice improves the delivery of oxygen to the brain and body. Deep breath can help relieve stress and anxiety, and even cut short the fight-or-flight response including the release of cortisol and other stress hormones in the body.

Breathing practice prepares the mind for focus, meditation and better sleep. Ultimately, through pranayama, we connect the breath, the mind, and the true self.

Hallie Kazda’s yoga teaching is approachable, challenging and supportive. She is inspired by the knowledge that yoga is for every person, every body. Hallie shares much more than a physical practice in her classes, incorporating elements of mindfulness, pranayama and self-discovery.

*$40 per person before March 10, $45 per person after that.

Space is limited so please register in advance using the form below.

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About Hallie Kazda

Hallie Kazda is a dancer, choreographer, and yoga instructor living in Brooklyn. In 2013 Hallie completed a unique, year­long 200­RYT program with Catherine Calderon titled Celebrating the Call: Women’s Healer and Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, Hallie has been teaching private yoga classes, group classes, and yoga classes for modern dance companies. She also offers yoga classes via her youtube channel Be You Yogini, which gives her students in the studio another resource to develop their practice. Hallie’s teaching is approachable, challenging and supportive. One of her fundamental beliefs is that yoga is for every person, every body; thus, there are many ways to approach yoga and movement. Yoga is much more than a physical practice and Hallie is inspired to bring elements of mindfulness, pranayama, and self discovery into her teaching.

Previous experience is not required. We have clean, cushy mats for you.
Please plan to arrive 10 minutes ahead of scheduled class time if you are visiting New Leaf for the first time.
48 hour cancellation policy for this special class.
If your plans change, please cancel by email to schedule at 48 hours prior to the start of the Workshop to avoid full charge. We cannot take cancellations by phone.