Love Your Low Back™ Workshop

Physical therapist Sara Ruvinsky & certified Pilates instructor Nadia Wallace will bring their complimentary disciplines together to provide guidance for low back health.
Wednesday January 25th at 7pm

Wednesday January 25th 2017, 7pm - 9pm


Have you been trying to ignore a low back ache, too often?

Does your low back feel unwell or unstable after long hours at the computer?

Do you feel less able to carry your child, your backpack, or your bike than you used to feel?

Simple changes in posture and movement patterns can make a big difference.

The Love Your Low Back™ Workshop is designed for those of us who want to know more about how to keep our own low backs healthy. You may choose to attend just the first hour of discussion at 7pm with physical therapist Sara Ruvinsky, or stay and move with us in the second hour, with Pilates teacher Nadia Wallace. We hope you’ll enjoy this special opportunity to combine healthy movement with questions, discussion, and learning.

Space is limited so please register in advance using the form below. Register on or before January 18th for $70 pricing.

On Wednesday evening, November 30, 2016 at New Leaf in Park Slope, physical therapist Sara Ruvinsky and certified Pilates instructor Nadia Wallace will bring their complementary disciplines together to provide concise, productive guidance for low back health.

You can register for the first hour, or for the entire workshop. If you prefer to attend just the first hour of discussion with physical therapist Sara Ruvinsky, please select the option for “Love Your Low Back (TM) Workshop (1st Hour Only).”

From 7pm to 8, Sara Ruvinsky will discuss the most common causes of low back pain and help you visualize the anatomy of this part of your body. Sara will introduce some simple changes in posture and movement patterns that can make a big difference! Learn when it’s time to see a doctor or a physical therapist, and when some core strength exercises with a qualified teacher will do. Sara will periodically invite you up out of your chair to practice moving well.

In the second hour, 8pm to 9, Nadia Wallace will lead a special edition of her Love Your Low Back (TM) pelvic-neutral, Pilates-based movement class. Practice the posture and movement patterns just introduced, including finding “pelvic neutral,” the healthiest home base for posture for your individual body. Enjoy a full series of exercises known to be effective in strengthening and stabilizing the low back, combined with gentle stretching and restorative poses.

About Sara Ruvinsky

Sara Ruvinsky holds her B.S. degree in physical therapy from NYU, and her M.S. in physical therapy from Touro College with a specialization in orthopedic and manual physical therapy. Sara served as an Advanced Clinician, focused on spine disorders, at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, and is certified as an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. After 10 years of practice, she started Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy, providing in-home and in-office therapy in Brooklyn. In addition to spine conditions, Sara specializes in pelvis and hip dysfunction, pre- and post-natal conditions, gait and balance. She also provides general orthopedic and post-operative rehab care. Sara feels passionately about educating her patients to bring proper posture, body mechanics and ergonomics to daily life.

About Nadia Wallace

A former college athlete and lifelong kitchen dancer, Nadia Wallace has practiced Pilates for over a decade and holds a 450-hour Pilates mat and apparatus teaching certification from the Kane School of Core Integration. Nadia has advanced training in anatomy and kinesiology with Irene Dowd, in Pilates for the cervical spine and neck with Kelly Kane, in exercise for scoliosis with Kuan Hui Chew, and in myofascial tissue release. Nadia’s athletic career has included college field hockey, rugby, and ski racing. An acute spine injury and surgery led her to discover Pilates, which became an important part of her rehabilitation and her return to a physical life.

Nadia feels honored to teach in collaboration with her clients, who include expectant and new moms, cross-training athletes, physical therapy graduates who want greater resilience in their bodies, clients with neuromotor and spine conditions, and regular folks seeking the joy and empowerment that comes from a strong core. Nadia lives in Brooklyn with her family and is the founder and director of New Leaf.

Previous experience is not required. We have clean, cushy mats for you.
Please plan to arrive 10 minutes ahead of scheduled class time if you are visiting New Leaf for the first time.
48 hour cancellation policy for this special class.
If your plans change, please cancel by email to schedule at 48 hours prior to the start of the Workshop to avoid full charge. We cannot take cancellations by phone.