Love Your Low Back™ Workshop

Physical therapist Sara Ruvinsky & certified Pilates instructor Nadia Wallace will bring their complimentary disciplines together to provide guidance for low back health.
Wednesday January 25th at 7pm

Yoga on Iyengar Chairs

Visit New Leaf and drape your body over an Iyengar yoga chair.
Then maybe can we twist?
Sunday May 15, 10am – 11:45am

Pranayama: Ignite Your Prana!

Explore pranayama and the power of breath on and off the yoga mat with Hallie Kazda.
March 20 at 4pm

Gentle Yoga for Beginners

A Series of 4 Monday Evening Classes with Shanon Sodano

Try Yoga

Runners Yoga in the Park

Tuesday nights in Prospect Park with Cat Murcek
Next Spring

Thai Massage for the Feet

With Thai massage practitioner Frank Hughes

Less is More Workshop

Greater Efficiency Through Release Technique
With New Leaf Instructor Kristin Hatleberg

Shoulders & Neck: A User Manual

Bringing the Alexander Technique to Chronic Pain
With Special Guest Dan Cayer

New Leaf Workshops & Events

Throughout the year, New Leaf frequently hosts special classes and workshops. Think of a great targeted movement class, with more of an opportunity to discuss the what and the why, with a respected teacher in an area of his or her passion. These classes fill up quick, so be sure to register early if you are interested in specialized training.

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You just missed Love Your Low Back™

Previous New Leaf Workshop Instructors

Rebekah Rotstein

Rebekah Rotstein

Noted expert on exercise for bone density

Sara Ruvinsky

Sara Ruvinsky

Love Your Low Back™ with Nadia Wallace

Kristin Hatleberg

Kristin Hatleberg

Improving movement efficiency through release technique

Nadia Wallace

Nadia Wallace

Pilates and fascia release for healthy shoulders and neck

Shannon Sodano

Shannon Sodano

Partners yoga with music

Dan Cayer

Dan Cayer

Bringing the Alexander Technique to Chronic Pain