Here’s a great little video clip from Boston yoga teacher Bethania Bagicalupe, her Asana Study #1. If you are fascinated by movement, as we are, you’ll enjoy this brief visualization. It’s a fun way to start thinking about muscles moving bones.

Please note: Bethania has a generous range of motion. You can see that in her extensions of her hip joints and her lower thoracic spine. Her shoulders open nicely too, don’t they?

When you practice movement, please proceed gently with your body. Explore your comfortable range of motion. Explore its outer limits if you choose, with care and kindness toward your body. We know in your heart you are an epic-yogi or a super lean, swift triathlete. We know those amazing yoga photos are. . . amazing.

Even those folks who have tremendous range of motion in their joints – which is usually hereditary – can suffer ligament injury or other joint injury when we push too far too fast. So, while we haven’t practiced with Bethania personally, please know with certainty that people reach greater range of motion gradually.

It is not about how high you lift your leg in class. Or how high the guy next to you is lifting his leg. It’s about moving and building and feeling great doing it. It’s about firing the right muscles, relaxing those that are not needed. It’s about tuning in to your body, connecting with your body of today. That is what Bethania is likely thinking about in this clip. Breathing, finding strength, stability, range, and great ease. All together in the same instant! And then, can we carry that into every instant?

It sounds almost like a miracle, almost an impossibility, like a return to your childhood body. And yet it is possible. Change in your body is possible.

Carry with you that sense of length, lift, stability and ease from your New Leaf class.

Carry it out the door.
Do it more at home.
Repeat tomorrow morning.

Is this what the ancient yogis were about in the 5th and 6th centuries B.C.? Is this what Joseph Pilates was about when he first developed his Method in the 19-teens? For soldiers? And policemen, and firemen?
You betcha.

Thank you, Bethania, we love your Asana Study #1! Applause! Please do another.

Yoga Anatomy Visualization — Asana Study #1 by Bethania Bagicalupe