What is New Leaf?

We are a ​locally​ owned and operated​ ​Park Slope home ​​for yoga, Pilates and the joy of movement.

We are not looking to build a yoga​ or Pilates​ empire. We are not backed by ​big investors​. ​We are not designing your shorts.

​Y​our neighborhood is not our test market.

Our focus is you.


Who is New Leaf?

We are a band of Brooklyners a lot like you. Except we ​are​ highly trained and experienced in yoga, Pilates and other ​leading edge ​movement disciplines. ​​We are proud to be a small part of a legacy of ​athletics and ​movement ​study​ in New York City that is second to none. Come to New Leaf and access some great teaching.​ Resolve an issue in your body. Move in challenging new ways.​

We are a resource. We are a quiet neighbor. We feel honored and humbled when you choose us. We ​are here to help ​you build a movement practice that is ​empowering, nourishing and ​sustainable for you.

We support Brooklyn artists and other locally owned Brooklyn businesses. We enjoy​ ​ ​superb
Brooklyn-made music​ and graphic arts​ in our studio every day.

We strive to make each New Leaf class or private session a joyful​ and productive ​experience.


All are welcome at New Leaf.

If you’ve hit a plateau and you need a new spark, come by.

If you feel embarrassingly out of shape because life has been a real challenge, come by.

If you’re tired of ​lining up for ​huge classes in which the teacher c​an​ barely see you, come by.

We’ll remember your name. We’ll remember that you had a tear in your left meniscus last year. We may even remember that next week is your little girl’s birthday.

If you’re building resilience back into your body after illness or injury, come by.

If you’re an athlete, and you want some fantastic core strength, come by.

If you realize that your bones and your joints may need to last a hundred years​,​ come by.

If you’re putting care into your eating and your sleeping, and you need to give equal ​attention​ to your movement, come on by.


We’re walking these paths too, and we’ll help you on your way.

Enter through the garden on 9th Street near Prospect Park.

Discover New Leaf small classes, in which you get the attention and room to move that you deserve. Discover New Leaf privates, and collaborate in shaping a practice tailored to your body, evolving and challenging in just the right measure.

You can learn more about New Leaf teachers, schedule and studio at newleafbody.com.

Choose movement!