Expansive body posture

Have you ever tried on an “expansive body posture”? How about a “constricted body posture”? How do you feel?

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Love Your Low Back™

Love Your Low Back™ class at New Leaf with Nadia. Many attend this class to learn a short list of basic exercises that almost all of us adults should be practicing…

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Yoga of/in the Now

Yoga is everywhere, including in our “worst” habits. It peeks through the things we like least about ourselves, gleaming through the good and the bad sides, and reminding us that there’s always a new breath, a

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Movement Journal

If I were going to choose music for this piece, it would be something off the New Leaf Soundtrack to my life, my play list that I’ve collected at times of inspiration.

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We’re not looking to build a yoga empire at New Leaf.

We are a ​locally​ owned and operated​ ​Park Slope home ​​for yoga, Pilates and the joy of movement.

We are not looking to build a yoga​ or Pilates​ empire. We are not backed by ​big investors​. ​We are not designing your shorts.

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Runners’ Stretch + Release Classes

We at New Leaf are excited to introduce a new class: Runners’ Stretch + Release, to be offered on Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 starting April 12. A perfect complement to your run, this class will include

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What is Pilates?

I recently had a brief, lively chat with a prospective client. Part of our conversation may be interesting for you. (His name and a couple of details have been changed to preserve anonymity.)

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The Breath – Movement Journal no. 2

“Just try not to stretch the middle of your upper back.”

Those were the words of my dermatologist as she finished the last stitch on a small biopsy in the middle of my back.

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Visualize Your Anatomy In Yoga or Pilates

Here’s a great little video clip from Boston yoga teacher Bethania Bagicalupe, her Asana Study #1. If you are fascinated by movement, as we are, you’ll enjoy this brief visualization. It’s a fun way to start thinking about muscles moving bones.

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Keys To Stretching Muscles Effectively

Many of us are on the road toward longer, more mobile hamstrings. And a long road it can be, too. Here is a quick list of key strategies for more effective stretching of any muscle,

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New Leaf on A Well Designed Life

Genevieve Gorder, host of the Well Designed show, came by New Leaf for a Physioball workout with studio director Nadia Wallace.

You can join a Physioball class at New Leaf on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Does Fascia Matter?

Many movement teachers and trainers today employ sort of connective tissue release. Most of these are variants of Barnes’ myofascial release technique. There are now numerous folks in the business of bringing MFR to the masses,

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