If I were going to choose music for this piece, it would be something off the New Leaf Soundtrack to my life, my play list that I’ve collected at times of inspiration.

We have Serene Main Playlist, Super Chill, and Not Annoying Holiday.

The blend of movement and music is a powerful force.

watch dance
be dance

The birth of a memoir?

A movement journal

Start one, my dear one, in your voice.

fire in her eye
she’s yours and mine
you and me together

she picked up a floor hockey stick in the gym one day . . . Mom, I’m really good at hockey!
You were a midfielder right?

White peach fuzz on his head at birth
courageously fine-tuned sax player ball player gallant gentleman how so smooth at age 11?
you all over
except the little part that’s me
(or my grandpa Stanley Buck, R.I.P.)

A movement journal, I’m fascinated by the phrase ever since. Start one with me?

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