Love Your Low Back™ class at New Leaf with Nadia.

Many attend this class to learn a short list of basic exercises that almost all of us adults should be practicing, in some variation or another, to maintain the health of our low backs. These clients receive encouragement and support to bring their own short list home to a daily practice. Clients check back into class when they need an alignment check or just to be sparked on.

Some clients are inspired to extend their journey into Pilates, or yoga, or both.

Others attend this class regularly to assist with the fatigue of weeks’ end. In Love Your Low Back, we practice rest and restore postures that are deeply soothing to the low back. We use Pilates breathing to release bracing and gripping tissues, a common response to lumbar instability. Then learn to choose the right muscles to fire up for an easeful posture, good balance, and a happier, more stable lumbar-sacral area.

We leave class more rested, with the tissues of our low backs (at least) in a calmer state of readiness. We gather up the tools for greater stamina and alignment in the lumbar area, and develop them into a regular strength-building practice. Love Your Low Back class is a conditioning class for your deep posture support muscles, that is also deeply restorative.

Please consider all that we’ve learned about the effects of excessive sitting on the body, especially on the functionality and mobility of the lumbar-sacral area: see this informative digest of a study released in January 2014.

In July, the U.S. Olympic Committee published a clear, concise discussion of pelvic neutral and related concepts that we like very much. You might like to check it out, and then we hope to welcome you to New Leaf in Park Slope, Brooklyn for some great pelvic neutral and core strength training. Understanding Neutral Spine and the Core (publ. 2013, USOC)

All clients attending Love Your Low Back™ class should be sure they are currently cleared for exercise by their doctor.

Choose movement!