Resolving, first, to survive the winter. . . with winter sports! And wishing you a joyful new year.

Happy New Year from all of us at New Leaf! The evidence is overwhelming that the benefits of movement are many: blood flow to the brain, cell renewal, muscle strength, range of motion, balance, posture and core strength, . . . . Put movement together with the great outdoors, and you’ve got all the things that help us feel energized and strong. We hope that your coming year will be one of abundant movement, health and joy!

This new year, we honor the great New England tradition of snow sports.

Our most joyful winters have been the ones when we dove headlong into the snow. We love to hike, ski, snow board, ice skate, snow shoe and sled. We encourage you to get out into the sunshine and fresh air this winter. It’s so easy, with Prospect Park so near, and greater hills and mountains not far away!

At New Leaf, we’ll support your outdoor winter life with some excellent conditioning, designed to prepare and support your body for your winter sports.

Our small group Pilates and yoga classes offer some great building blocks for your dry land training: core strength conditioning, balance and range of motion work. Even better, get some one-on-one sports-specific training with a series of privates or duets. Just schedule a first appointment or a series, and shoot us a note at schedule at about your training goals and schedule needs. We’ll match you up with the right teacher for you!

You can see our full updated schedule of New Leaf’s small group classes, or request a private or duet session in yoga or Pilates, at

Please join us in resolving to *Choose Movement* every day in 2015.