Have you ever tried on an “expansive body posture”? How about a “constricted body posture”? How do you feel?

During her career as a litigator with Jenner & Block and other top law firms, New Leaf founder Nadia Wallace couldn’t help but notice how body posture affects our perceptions of ourselves and others. A life at the desk, or crammed into bad airplane and train seats, isn’t exactly a recipe for a comfortable, easy body. And yet, if you can unlock your body, you can breathe freely, project your voice, feel well and . . . maybe even feel empowered to reach a beautiful result for your client, or your start up.

Here’s a fascinating look, in Harvard Business Review, at how body posture and related behaviors can change the outcome of a negotiation.

At New Leaf Yoga & Pilates in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we invite you to take an hour away from the fast lane, and come by for a private movement session focused on breath, posture, core strength, stretching and tissue release. Whether you choose a yoga or Pilates private as your pathway in, you’ll feel a difference. Choose movement!